Ściany boczne ciężarowych opon samochodowych jako przykrycie silosów i pryzm
  • Product description

    Silo rings are produced from truck tires and are the best solution to cover silos in the cheapest and most effective way.


    There are a lot of benefits of using silo rings:

    - wide covering surface – 1m² (per pcs)

    - wind resistant – weight 12-13 kg (per pcs)

    - no accumulation of water and dirt inside

    - stay clean and dry

    - easy in storing because of the same dimension

    - long life


    The most economic option of delivery is a transport by a trailer equipped with „walking floor”. It guarantees simply and fast unloading without help of additional workers. Full load is 2000 pcs put one on the top of another.


    Our customers admit that silo rings are the best and cheapest way to get the highest quality of ensiled material, minimize losses thus save money and time.

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