Traffic buffers

Safety for road users and workers
  • Product description

    TD Bergma company has created mobile protective barriers - traffic buffers.

    Buffers protect road work sites, e.g. narrowing of traffic lanes, guarantee safety of road users: drivers, cyclist, pedestrians and also road workers.

    TD Bergma offers 3 types of buffers:

    1. Road buffer 70 km - triple type

    Built of 3 tire segments. Weight - 1050 kg. Height 1,05 m. Width: 3,1 m

    1. Road buffer 100 km

    Built of 3 tire segments and steel mat. Weight - 840 kg. Height: 1,05 m. Width: 3,1 m

    1. Road buffer 70 km - double type

    Contains 2 segments of tires and steel mat. Weight - 640 kg. Height: 1,05 m. Width: 2,1 m.

    Benefits of using road buffers:

    - great crash energy absorption during road collision

    - special collision certificate obtained at "Volvo Safety Center" in Sweden, car driving speed  

       of 100 km/h of weight 2 tons.

    - increased comfort of work during road works

    - visibility on the roads due to cover of reflective paint

    - easy in usage and transportation

    - eco-friendly production process of recycled truck tires

    Thanks to mobility, multi-functionality and low maintenance costs, traffic buffers of TD Bergma are an excellent alternative to traditional road barriers

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