Bergma recycles truck tyres and creates this innovative product without polluting the environment
  • Product description

    Blasting mats are used to cover the blasting site in order to protect surroundings from the negative effects of using explosive materials. The mats eliminate fly rocks, reduce shock wave and noise. Safety first!


    Bergma mats are produced from the most wear resistant truck tires and sewn together with galvanized steel wires. The mats are equipped with strong lifting loops so the blasting mats are easy in transportation and to be lifted even in confined spaces.


    All our blasting mats have been reinforced with additional double wire at both ends thus the mats can live longer. This solution is so innovative that has been patented. Bergma blasting mats can be used longer what easily allows to reduce waste and improve the profitability of blasting job.


    We produce all types of blasting mats, from small „hand mats” of 55 kg to 10x3 meter „Monster” type that weighs over 2 tons.

  • Dimensions


    • 3,20 x 3,00m | 650 kg
    • 3.20 x 4.00m | 850 kg
    • 3.20 x 5.00m | 1.100 kg
    • 3.20 x 6.00m | 1.350 kg

    Oder sizes for the order:
    Max lenght 10 meters

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