Innovative machine for forest and gravel roads maintaining
  • Product description

    Bergma road scraper is the simplest and cheapest machine, designed for the proper maintenance of gravel and forest roads. Rain, snow and lush plants make these roads difficult to use or even completely impassable. A use of this innovative product easily allows to maintain the roads without extra cost.


    Road scraper is manufactured from the strips of truck tires and solid steel frame. All metal parts used in the construction are made of high quality steel which determines its durability. The road scraper is equipped with wear resistant front teeth plates of Hardox type with adjustable height. Hardox system allows the machine first to loosen the ground before equalization and is also adopted to road profiling what clearly improves water drainage from the road.


    Strong lifting loops make the road scraper easy in transport and turning in confined spaces.


    Available in two versions:

    Standard: width 280 cm, weight ca. 1100-1200 kg

    Junior: 140 cm, ca. 500 kg


    During International Fair of Forestry Wood Industry and Environmental Protection EKO-LAS 2016, Bergma road scraper was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal for one of the most innovative products.

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